According to IE my xml has an invalid charactor on line 92. Here is line 92 I cannot see the problem. but something is wrong because When I load it into Flash I get a error telling me that it is not right.

line 92:
stone_shape="Round"><stone_upcharges><diamond>126.00</diamond></stone_upcharges><stone_exceptions><aquamarine>Sky Blue</aquamarine><diamond>White Topaz</diamond><emerald>Simulated Emerald</emerald><pearl>Smokey Quartz or Simulated Alexandrite</pearl><genuine ruby>Simulated Ruby</genuine ruby><peridot>Green Lemon Quartz</peridot><sapphire>Genuine Iolight</sapphire><tourmaline>Opal or Simulated Rose Zircon</tourmaline><blue topaz>Swiss Blue Topaz or Simulated Blue Zircon</blue topaz></stone_exceptions></stone><stone stone_x="198.70"