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Thread: Wordpress error

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    Wordpress error

    I have a Wordpress blog located here that is experiencing trouble. The section "Creative Business Online" has 16 posts at the moment, but when clicking at the category I'm being directed to another web page on the domain and not the category listing.

    I installed a plug called Category Base Killer that should remove all the "Category" references in the URLs, and I suspect the error to happen after this correction.

    The Permalink configuration is: Custom Structure: /%category%/%postname%

    I also use The "All in One SEO plugin".

    Perhaps somebody may give me some tips on how to solve this issue?

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    You have a post with the same permalink as the category. You'll have to resolve that. You probably shouldn't use em dashes in your titles as they aren't allowed in URLS. The em dash is what is causing your permalink to fail. I'd personally shorten the title of the offending article to "If your customer didn't buy then if fails". You'd lose keywords but you wouldn't have this problem.

    Otherwise change your permalink structure so that the topic has a unique permalink. If you need the "Creative Business Online" keywords, then rewrite your category.php template for that category so that it works as a landing page and then directs users into the different articles in the series.
    Wayne Luke

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