I'm leaning how to use wordpress.

On the tutorial on writing a post, there is s section on Permalinks. I changed it from default to custom (/%category%/%postname%/).

But before i changed the permalinks, i already wrote a post.

When i wrote my post in the dashboard under the write --> post, i created a new category (add new category) and then ticked on it. So i assume my new post will be under the category. I also went to manage--> category and deleted the category called Uncategorized. So the homepage does not have Uncategorized.

I have already posted my sample article (this is a wordpress thats running on a local machine - WAMP).

After changing to a custom permalink, i tried to go to the homepage of my blog and click on my post that i wrote and published earlier but i seem to get an error.

Error: Not Found

The requested URL /lovetowrite/uncategorized/this-is-my-first-article/ was not found on this server.

Please help me coz i cant seem to view my post now ever since i changed the permalinks.

Thanking you in advanced,
Kenneth Jaysone Francis