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    Hi guys, how r u doing?
    I have to show my website on monday,
    we got basic php at college and no javascript yet.
    But we are allowed to use any java script we want.
    we learnt to do the following:
    main folder: index.php, contactus.php etc
    IN MAIN folder:
    - includes folder (php includes)
    - images folder
    - js folder (javascript)
    - CSS folder

    i found a java script online to randomly choose an image whenever page is refreshed for example.
    and i had already made an include called header.php
    then where do i put the javascript? in the header.php since i am using it in all pages (although i dunno how)
    or do i put it in index.php and delete the part where i ask through php to include header.php?

    thanks in advance.

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    If your pages have
    PHP Code:
    include 'includes/header.php'
    and header.php contains the stuff between the <head> tags, then add to the the script tag mark-up in it like
    HTML Code:
    <script type='text/javascript' src='whatever.js' />
    if the script runs before the page loads in. Otherwise add an onload event handler to call the function, or include() it in your "footer.php" before the closing body tag.


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