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    Designing for Adobe Contribute

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have experience designing for Adobe Contribute compatibility?

    Do I have to make every page a html page or can I use php?

    I would love to be able to use php and include .htm pages to save me having to make 30 changes everytime the navigation changes etc.

    I am also a bit uneasy with allowing a user to changing pages without my having control over this. Can anyone make me feel better?

    I always code according to standards, but surely in this case it's a waste of time since contribute will butter my code?

    Any help or links to references appreciated.

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    I've not used Contribute, but it is part of the Dreamweaver family, and DW lets you create a template with editable and uneditable parts. The uneditable parts are parts in the template that correspond to header, footer, nav and whatever else you wish common to all pages and can only be editted via the master template, while the editable bit are the normal content. So you would mark the menu as uneditable, then only you can alter them, and the editable bits are (probably) the only bits that Contribute users can edit. When you edit an uneditable area in DW, it then updates all the pages using that template. One menu, one edit, all pages change. No need for PHP includes.

    If you are one of those who imagine that DW writes bad code (it's bad users using DW the wrong way that does that) then just use it in code view if you prefer handcoding. I almost never use design view in DW (I mainly use its super ftp / site management features) and hand code in code view. I actually use an ancient version of DW just for the ftp / site manager bits, and occasionally the template feature, and usually hand code in Notepad++

    I'd guess that Contribute is best used where there is one designer and many contributors, say adding product news or update info, new jobs etc from several different departments.

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