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    Random Webpage Error (Webpage and headers are downloaded, not rendered)

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but I am unsure on where to post.

    I have a random error on my website where a webpage will not render and instead appears as a download box. This happens to me once every 20-50 page requests with any page on the website. I downloaded the file and have attached it. I added the txt extention. If I was to request the page again it works as expected (HTML page shown).

    The problem is that there is some strange output received before the headers and the headers that were sent (by my PHP script) have become part of the message. (Meaning that the browser may not have got any headers at all)

    The gibberish in the html content is due to the gzip compression.

    I am really not sure where to start looking for the cause of this. So far I can assume that it is caused by one of the following:
    - Webhost
    - Apache
    - PHP

    I do not think it could be the following as it does not occur on any other website.
    - Firefox
    - Windows XP Network connection
    - Squid proxy cache (Client side - I am at work)
    - ISP / Internet corruption

    If someone could give many any ideas that would be great!
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    Does this only happen to you or others as well? - My web-, software- and game development company. - My personal site and blog.


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