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    Rake 'require' error on VPS

    First, I have scoured the Internet for days and this problem is plaguing me. I need help from someone with Ruby on Rails experience on a VPS.

    I have always developed rails apps on shared hosting. For the first time I have a "hands on" (physical) internal server I need to use for deploying a proprietary RoR app.

    After installing Ruby, installing rails, installing MySQL, setting up Apache2 I have proven my Ubuntu Server is working as expected.
    The command 'rails <appname>' worked perfectly.

    Next I tried running rake.
    I got this error:
    /usr/bin/rake:27 'require' : no such file to load -- (LoadError) rake
    Hopefully, you can guide me on how to overcome this stumbling block. It is the last thing that stands in my way to success on this project (which, of course, has a tight deadline).
    {btw: the rake file is only 28 lines long. It simply calls this include then calls }

    Reading on the Internet, I see a change in Ruby 1.8.6 and Ruby 1.9 with respect to how gems are handled.
    I was unsuccessful as installing Ruby 1.9 on this box. But I really don't believe that is the fix for my problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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