Hi! After long and hard trial and error I can now get my html emails to look great in Outlook 2007. Well almost. My latest one looks great in my Outlook 2007 and my friend's Outlook 2007, but not my client's.

Further investigation into the code shows that Outlook applies its own width style to each td in a table. For example if my original html has:

<td width="600" .....

Outlook 2007 changes it to this:

<td width="600" style="width: 450pt;......

Oh, well. At least it works even if it is just adding code. 450pt does equal 600px after all.

Unfortunatly my client's Outlook 2007 changes this to:

<td width="600" style="width: 360pt;......

How strange is that?

What I'd like to know if is anybody else has experienced this. And if it's something that can be rectified in the html newsletter, or will my client have to change some settings in his Outlook 2007?

Any ideas are appreciated.