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    Help in building ajax lightbox in this photo plugin

    Hi, I've got a plugin for photo gallery,but I needs some help in the works like my wish list!Version 1.0 is all about core functionality.

    Tidypics accomplishes 3 things:

    Give users and groups photo albums
    Allow images to be organized via albums.
    Allow interaction on a per-image basis.
    My vision for tidypics is for it to act as the foundation for other developers to enhance.
    Photo galleries are a big part of social networking and one of the prime "media" that people interact with.

    Next steps:

    Currently you can only add one image at a time, so a multi-image uploader would be a big improvement.
    Currently when you upload an image, you can not specify that you want this new image to be the album cover. You can only define an album cover by "editing" a current image. Ideally we want a multi image upload form with radio buttons besides each entry for a chance to "specify as album cover".
    You cannot scroll through the images in the album (no previous/next buttons), so that would be nice.
    Ajax or equivilent javascript type viewing of images in album, (a scrollable gallery might be nice).& lightbox!
    There is a simple album widget view, but it would be useful to have an image_widget view where you would get all images from a user (easy to do) but have the widget display them randomly like a slideshow, or fade in/fade out type thing.
    Rate this photo(1-5)

    If any of these features could be helped coded,I would be very grateful?
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    social site to share video's,Photo's & blogs

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    Morning Gof,
    I dont think you are going to get anybody to customise fully a prewritten script like this.
    (well not for free anyway )

    We are here to help folk get past problems and learn new systems and methods, not to write their applications for them!

    The Tidypics Gallery is still in development so I would suggest that you keep an eye on what Jade is doing with the development roadmap over the next few days/weeks/months or get back to learning a bit more yourself
    Mike Swiffin - Community Team Advisor
    Only a woman can read between the lines of a one word answer.....


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