Hi Folks,

We would like information on whether you think the following is possible, please.

We need to create a 'tool' that can automatically 'copy' information from a data entry web form into another that 'sits' 'over' the original browser page (like a 'pop-up' would work, I guess). i.e. Someone types data into their form but wants it to also appear in the other independent form as well.

Some restraints:
1. The original data entry form's fields need to be matched to those of the 'recipient' form by the non-IT office admin-type user. e.g. Using a point 'n' click function from one data entry field to the recipient form.

2. The process in Step 1. (above) needs to enable these 'matchings' to be saved for that particular user (unless they wish to change them at some time in the future).

Does this sound 'doable' please?