I had problem on updating a field of one table which had link up to another table. The structures are like these:

Table Item_Detail

Table Purchase_Item

UPDATE Item_Detail SET Model_No = 'xx'
FROM Purchase_Item WHERE
Item_Detail.Item_ID = Purchase_Item.Item_ID
AND PO_No = 'X'

When I try to update using the above SQL, an error eccour.

Moreover, my DB is build on MySQL rather than SQL Server, is MySQL not support INNER JOIN command ?
I had already try the following 2 different SQL command but there is a error msg about syntax error at line 3.

Update item_detail
SET model_no = 'xx'
From item_detail, purchase_item
Where item_detail.item_ID = purchase_item.item_ID
AND po_no = 'x'

UPDATE Item_Detail
SET Model_No = 'xx'
FROM Purchase_Item JOIN Item_Detail ON Item_Detail.Item_ID = Purchase_Item.Item_ID
AND PO_No = 'X'

Pls help !!