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    Need inspiration for a splash page

    I am building a splash page for an indian restaurant, the temporary site is at <snip>

    The specifics of it,

    Landing page right after flash intro (I didnt do the intro, I know it sucks but the client doesnt want to change it)

    Needs to display two navigation options, because client has two restuarants.

    Basically I know the page needs to probably have a black background, and some sort of vertical div, Ive thought to use flash banners, but this site is piled up with flash already, so I am leaning towards vertical banners with the logos and some sort of custom graphic..

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought as I have to get this done for wednesday, and really cant come up with anything I like..
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    Sorry, but you're asking for a website review, and those are only allowed in the Website Reviews forum.

    Make sure you read the sticky guideline thread in that forum. You need to write three reviews before you can request one of your own.
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