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    NoMethod Error Simply Rails


    I am following along in Simply Rails 2 and have encountered an error I am unsure how to fix.

    On page 143 it tells us to execute the command "ruby script/server" and then check the web browser. Everything was perfect at this point and appeared just like the book.

    Then on page 146 it talks about scaffolding and tells us to execute the following command "ruby script/generate scaffold Story name:string link:string"

    At this point I did not get the results shown in the book. It asked if I wanted to replace the files and I chose "y".

    When I ran the "ruby script/server" command again, I got a strange screen on the console and on the browser. I have included screenshots for each of these.

    Can somebody please tell me what went wrong? Also, can you tell me how to get it back to normal.

    Thanks so very much!

    -New Ruby Learner
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