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    Wp-Super Cache and Popular Post

    anyone know how to use WP-Super Cache and any popular post plugin together? I know that the cache plugin tends to cause an issue with tracking post views properly which in turn cause an issue with popular post plugins.

    Anyone have a work around or tweak

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    Actually it shouldn't bother popular post plugin. Correct me if I am mistaking, but doesn't popular post basically grabs it's data from the database?

    In that case, what's happening is when when a URL is cached by WP-Super Cache, it keeps displaying the same page even though popular post has been updated.

    Basically you have to adjust how long a cached file will be stored.

    The purpose of cached file is to display the same data, unless of course you can modify Super Cache, and make it store just the article contents in a static file and grab them instead of making a database query.

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