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    Apache Port (80) Error


    I am a totally new programmer. I bought the Simply Rails 2 book from Sitepoint and am trying to build Shovell. Every time I try to launch the InstantRails.exe app, I get an error message stating that the "Apache Port (80) is used by "" inetinfo.exe". Instant Rails boots up anyway after I click the "ok" button and seems to be working, but I am wondering if this is going to cause problems later or what I should do about it.

    I have attached a screenshot of this problem.

    Also, I am wondering what I should do when I have a typing error in the Ruby Console Window. Many times I will be trying to type code out of the book will hit enter and then realize I have made an error. Should I just retype the command or do I need to exit (hit CTRL+D), type ".quit"?

    I am a total beginner so I apologize if these seem like stupid questions.

    Thanks so much for the help!
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    It looks like IIS on your system is already running and is using port 80. Therefore when Apache (part of instant rails) tries to start it fails because it wants to use port 80 too, and IIS won't release it (as it shouldn't).

    Simple fix is to ignore the error. You don't need Apache any more to run and play with Rails (originally it was important to be able to, but mongrel has offset the need to use Apache in development).

    The other option it to alter the port Apache wants to use. I'm not sure if InstantRails gives you an easy way to change the port as I don't use InstantRails. Within Apache, you can modify the listen directive in httpd.conf (see this example - section "Next: Changing the port number "). This is a description of List in some Apache documentation.


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