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    Can you have continuous music playing thru flash whilst browsing a site?

    I'm trying to figure out how you could get flash to keep playing an mp3 file whilst a user browses pages of a site.

    Ideally I would like to do this using an http server (no streaming server yet!) and maybe by taking advantage of a user's cache to store the mp3 file even if it's only partially downloaded

    Any idea how these sites do it: (i think they're doing something tricky with subfolders) (i'm pretty sure they're using an iframe, but this makes urls tricky) (?)

    Suggestions are welcome!

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    From my experience the only way to have music play throughout a site is:

    1) Have the entire site in flash (not optimal)
    2) Have an iframe across the top or bottom of the page which contains the player. This may be your best option. Links wouldnt be all that tricky, I belive you would just have to target = "_self"
    3) Launch a pop-up/pop-under mp3 player

    I have a band website and I tackled this issue. I started with a flash website and the music worked great, but updating the site was a pain. More recently I switched to all HTML and I only have music playing on the homepage.

    Good luck!

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