I am using webscribble and I need to change it ..explained below... I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or experiences. My site has to allow for profiles like facebook sort of and allow uploading directly to the site of music and videos and pictures etc.. canadianhomegrown (dot) ca is the site. I just really need other software.

It looks so good cause its cheap and guess what its cheap! I had to go to a different server because of the softwares needs so now I pay two different hosting companies. I had so many problems the searchs do not work such as search for people in an area or in an age group. Still cant upload music they say I have to adjust the PHP on the hosting site and I have no idea how to do and they wont and neither will godaddy.com so the reason I have the site is so musicians can upload video and music and well it does not work at all so ...i have a site looks good but does not function.

I would like to get rid of it and start over I just need to find some better software and just cut my losses any one know of a different software?

Thank you so much!