I jumped into the world of blogging a few months ago, using Google and Opera blogs, and I'm really impressed. In fact, I'm anxious to move up to WordPress and have one specific goal I'd like to ask about.

I have a series of CMS websites with "World" sections, where people can learn about various nations, the 50 states, Canada's provinces, etc. Besides writing content for all these places, I have to import it into database tables, which is going to be a lot of work.

So here are my questions...

1) Could I use WordPress to create a series of posts titled "North America," "United States," "Brazil," etc., each of which would be displayed at URL's like MySite/World/North_America, MySite/World/United_States, and MySite/World/Brazil?

2) Can I modify URL's? For example, if I don' like the URL MySite/World/Congo,_Republic_of, could I change it to MySite/World/Republic_of_the_Congo?

3) Would I be able to modify each post as often as I want? Rather than sit down and write an article about each nation, then put it in a database, etc., etc. I'd like to be able to simply visit my WordPress blog and add some information to my Mexico post if I happen to read something interesting about Mexico in the news.

4) Would I have to alter the structure of my web pages, or could I leave them as is and just use WordPress to inject the content? If I have to accept WordPress' page designs, would I have a lot of latitude in modifying them - single-column vs two-column, various background colors, banners, etc.? In other words, I'd probably want to make the pages look similar to my existing pages.

5) Could I use WordPress to create content for different sections, for example, with posts displayed at MySite/World/Arizona and MySite/Topics/Geography?

6) Would I be able to do all of this with the free version, or would I have to buy the commercial version? I'd like to try the commercial version, but it could get expensive, as I have several websites.