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Thread: WebOS 1.0

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    WebOS 1.0

    No, as far as my knowledge goes, there is currently no version 1.0 of "WebOS". I just thought it would be an appropriate name for this thread for what I'm about to start discussing.

    I was trying to describe how it would work, to my parents, but decided I couldn't and thought I'd come on here and discuss it instead .

    So, WebOS 1.0 I'll call it.

    We have a website. It has the basic ''Applications'' you would have on any Desktop OS. Word Processing, Paint, PowerPoint, Excel, Notepad, Web Browser [Not too sure], Advanced Calculator and lots more that I can't think of right now.

    You know, Web Applications like Online WYSIWYG Editors and so on. But able to save in common formats such as .doc .docx and so on.

    You could have a free membership log-in, and a subscribed membership-login that would include more features and so on.

    It would cost a lot, server-wise. But the money to pay for them would come from the subscribed memberships.

    I'm just really interested in this WebOS now because I've been reading about it a little bit today and it got me thinking that a really good, sophisticated, but easy to use WebOS could be the next big thing in Computing and the Web.

    Thoughts for this WebOS? Comments? Please, discuss!

    - AndrewCooper

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    Andrew, this Web OS is very good. Personally I entered and I like it.
    But when I search more about the Web OS, I was amazed by in the WEB 2.0 technology, speed, reliability, variety of applications, email services,...
    Try it, it worth!!!!



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