Just wondering, is there a way to make Photoshop support multiple instances of the same layer style on one layer?

It seems that on any given layer, a layer style is either enabled or it isn't. That is, there's either an inner glow or there isn't; there's either a gradient or there isn't; etc. What I want is multiple gradients on the same layer, stacked on top of each other. There've been many times over the years where I've thought "It'd be nice if I could do that", but I've never really looked into it because there are workarounds.

I've just had a quick look around the interface and the nearest thing I can find is Layer > Layer Style > Create Layer, which turns the layer styles into separate layers so you can add new ones to the original layer. Unfortunately the styles modified by this are no longer implicitly tied to that original layer, meaning drop shadows won't change size if the original layer is adjusted, etc.