i've just found that out and i think it's rediculous! i've been trying to work out what is going on with an ajax and normal (when there's no js) form submission thing i'm doing. recently (as i learn js) i've found that if there's an error in the js somewhere, especially with ff, that then makes the ajax thing i'm doing switch to a normal form submission, presumably because the js execution has choked/stopped and normal non js takes over. so that's what i thought was happening at the moment with something i'm doing even though i wasn't actually getting an error in ff's error console (why i thought that doesn't matter). i started ouputting php's time() so i could see what was changing (like in a page refresh) and what wasn't. anyway i now realise that in ff, when you ask for a page obviously of course that requests the page from the server, but also, when you select 'view source' it gets that source from the server, a second request -- it doesn't show the source of the page being displayed. that's really crap imo, especially if you didn't know. this is ff v2 mac. just thought i'd voice that. is there a way to make it not access the server like that maybe? (i know js changes the source -- i'm not expecting to see changes js has made in the html you see from 'view source')

blimey, took me hours to work out what was going on there.