Hello actionscript brainiacs!

The problem:

*I Need one image to continuously scroll to the right over the canvass and loop. The background should never be visible. The point is for the looping movie to be used on a home page.

*flash canvass : 900 px wide (x) 500 px tall
*total size of image : 13903 px (x) 500 px tall

***I did what i needed using tweening but is the choppiest quality ive ever seen, even at a very high fps.

Thank you for helping me!

If you can help me ill do a digital illustration for you or a family member. My art site is here w w w . u b e r . c o m / l e t e r r y a r t

im completely lost when it comes to actionscript and unfortunately i cant finish a website for a client until I can get some help with this