Hi Guys

I'm developing a site that uses sIFR quite substantially, but there is one occasion in which it doesn't want to play. Have a look here and you can see that that it is used in the popup window on the right hand side of the page (the < h3 >). However, click on "deposits" in the main text and it opens our slideshow script. The same sIFR script should also work on the < h3 > here, but doesn't. I'm guessing because its being called by JS after the page has loaded.

So I guess what I'm asking is, is there a way to get sIFR to work here?

HTML Code:
sIFR.replaceElement(named({sSelector:".titleBar h3", sFlashSrc:"swf/apex.swf", sColor:"#ffffff", nPaddingTop:0, nPaddingBottom:0, sWmode:"transparent", sFlashVars:"textalign=left&offsetTop=0"}));