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    Another Newbie Needs Help...Thanks

    I know NO coding etc. I have used coolpage to create my site. I created my menu at a site that basically creates the code for you. So, when I view the menu it looks like I expect it to look. But I have received some feedback that it might not be working correctly for others. The menu is red and the lettering is supposed to remain black all the time. This works for me. But I think some people are seeing red lettering which really does not work at all since the menu is red.

    In page properties, I set my unvisited links to red and visited links to black. But, since I made the menu at this other site with javascript coding (I think), I expected the link words on the menu to stay black and not underlined.

    I wonder if a few people could look at the menu and tell me if they see black lettering that does not change even on mouseover. Would ya mind also telling me your browser. I thank you for your assistance.

    The site is at

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    Text link colour never changed for me but the background colour did.
    IMHO it looked OK and worked well!
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