I'm writing a book on web design and need screenshots of a few particular design techniques from real sites. Here's what I'm looking for:

Real text laid on top of a background image that looks like some image from real life (eg, a post-it note, t-shirt, car)

An intricate background image blending into a repeating portion of background image (like the header on www.nidha.com)

An image that scales with the browser window (like those on www.castellodibolgheri.eu)

An image gallery that scales with the browser window (like the one at www.castellodibolgheri.eu/it/photo.html)

If you know of any examples of these techniques, please post the URL. It doesn't have to be a site you've done -- I'll take care of contacting the site owner for permission to use the screenshots I need.

Thanks for your help!