I offer a form processing service for my visitors at http://echodev.com/services/form/ and the script I use has a function that will record every time somebody used a form and write the email of the owner in the log file (by owner, I mean the person who installed the form on his site - not the person who filled it out).

Anyway, at the moment I have about 7000 email addresses in a file, because most of my users are very satisfied with the service and their forms are used many time over and over again...

I want to be able to email people who use my service about expected downtimes, changes, etc., but since one email can be repeated 5,10,50 times in that log file, I can't really email ALL of the addresses, because an active user, will recieve 5,10,50 copies of the same email and I don't want it.

Now, I was wondering if there is a script that can take the log file and filter out all repeated emails (only leave 1 copy) and compile the in the following list (my mailing list software uses the following format):


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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