I'm using Macromedia (at the time) Flash 8 Professional and have been working on a tutorial I found to try and make realistic looking water since I'm pretty new to ActionScript and the like. While most of it seems relatively simple, I have a couple basic questions that I have been having a hard time understanding...

1.) Why is this following code used?
p = getBytesTotal()/100;
if (getBytesLoaded()>=getBytesTotal()) {
	gotoAndPlay("Scene 1", 1);
This code is in a "preloader scene" and while I know it is a basic preloader that tells the movie to move on to "Scene 1", frame 1, the thing I lack understanding of is the general functionality of it. How does it work? The getBytesTotal() counts how many bytes there are in the movie file, divides that number by 100. I guess it's making a measure here and the using this measure as a conditional down the code? ...I just don't get the comparative memory thing in this...

2.) mc.gotoAndStop() - What does "mc" represent? I know it means "movie clip", but is "mc" some sort of reserved word for this specific use? How does FLASH know we mean "movie clip"? I have seen various other tutorials write out "MovieClip" instead of using "mc". Does it really matter which is used???

3.) The ActionScript Dictionary refers to "MovieClip object" often. When it refers to this, is it really referring to the actual movie in it's entirety?

4.) (Last Question): In my FLASH 8 interface, I have the status-quo timeline, stage, ActionScript script editor and to the left of the ActionScript script editor and to the right of the "Tools", there is some sort of other "miscellaneous" pane that has the scenes and other things listed in an collapsible lists. What pane is this? When I right-click on any of the list elements, nothing happens. All I can do is extend the little '+' or '-' signs next to the items...