We did lot of research in implimenting META's in our website. We are using this for our own company and client websites. To check website Full META Tags functionalities:

Open Opera >

Switch On: Opera > View > Toolbars > Navigation Bars

Type the website Address and you can navigate through website only using Navigation Keys. The site need to be enhanced META enabled.

Navigation Bars are extremely useful for Accessibility issues and to surf website using Hand-held devices,like mobile. Programatically, you can put the same logic right within your website header area, beside skip to navigation, to navigate pages rather then using Opera Browser.

You can also take a look into your website which consist of this METAs element using http://www.google.com/xhtml (mobile preview) to see how a mobile device takes help of this METAs to navigate within large Section of Pages.

Few Important Tips about METAs: