I've had an idea for some time to automate a process of grabbing several Flickr photos at a time for both backing up and for transferring purposes. Flickr only allows downloads one at a time. So I started a project that was pretty fun and decided to make it public and allow registration.

I need help in ironing out the core functionality / work flow / usability. So I'm asking everyone here to feel free to register during this pre-alpha stage and send me all your feedback.

Right now you can grab photos from Flickr, then have my application zip them up into an archive file and download them. Phase two will allow you to sign into your Flickr account and chose to transfer them directly from one account to another. Of course you can only search public domain photographs and eventually i will post in an obviuos way what the licensing is for each photo.

Anyway, take a look and play with it, send all comments to joe@seemecreate.com

Here is the url: Fuisti