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    Specific .htaccess question...


    I would like to .htaccess a directory to somehow
    allow for the index to be accessed through a "certain link" from another page only.
    In other words they can access the page through a link, but if they try to type the url in the browser they are not allowed to access the directory or view the contents of the directory.

    What I'm trying to do is have:

    A link on a page that opens a popup box page that has no toolbars and no right clicking scripts to achieve a no source copying. This works, but source can still be viewed if the url is typed in manually which defeats the purpose.

    Another scenario is completely .htacess the directory and allow the index to be viewable by a link on another page that sends in "hidden" or "encrypted" password and loggin automatically when the link is clicked. This would allow access from the link, but they wouldn't know the pass and loggin to do this from the browser. Is there a way to accomplish this?

    I think you will understand what I'm wanting, I just don't know how to achieve this.

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    When you click on a link the new page is called with the "Referrer" header field set to the URL of the previous page. You could use a dynamic script for the popup window that checks this header value but, if you're using JavaScript to open the window, it's unlikely that the field will be set. It's rather pointless to even try since there are multiple ways to get around this type of semi-protection.


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