I'm in the early stages of development for a video tutorial download store. I'm using a shopping cart script, but am experimenting with different ways of laying out the product pages (and not finding anything I particularly like).

Each page needs:
- Video preview (youtube embed)
- Title and description of the product.
- Price/Add to Cart buttons
- At least one section a the side and below showing other products.
- A space for user reviews
- Possibly additional pictures.

The pages themselves are quite short. I am not looking to create multiple long 'sales letter' style pages.

What I'd really like are suggestions of sites that use videos extensively in their product pages so I can hopefully get some inspiration in terms of presenting the video in an exciting way.

I had one idea that I've experimented with, but have not been too happy with the results. Assume the video teaches tennis techniques...

- Below the header is an out of focus, white background photo stretching across the width of the page.
- Overlaying this photo on the left side is the embed of the tennis teaching preview video.
- On the right side, also overlaying the photo is a graphic ad for the product. The title, a few bullet points.

The whole thing is basically a banner with a video overlayed on the left side.

Again - any links to sites that focus on a video in their product pages would be most appreciated.