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Thread: RSS bullet list

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    RSS bullet list


    I'm tying to write an external .js-file to fetch a RSS feed and displays it within a bullet list on a HTML page. (I'm using the Prototype framework)The problem is that since I'm a newbie I don't know how to write the JavaScript code for these 2 functions:

    1. The title
    function createTitle (transport) {
    var r = transport.responseXML;

    Create a h3-element with the same content as the the channel's title element.

    2. The item links
    function createItemLinks (transport) {
    var r = transport.responseXML;

    Creating an ul-list with a li-element for each item-element
    Each li-element should contain a text link fetched from the title of the item-element.

    Could anyone be so kind as to compete these pieces of code for me. I really want them to work but I'm so lost at this point.

    I've attached the .js-file I'm working on.

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