I finally managed to get these downloaded but I cannot use them. I managed to once open mySQL up and was told by a site to enter an admin password, I think the command was mysqladmin -u root password "password" and then eventually got this after entering ; and the end of this command. I got an 1064 error or something and couldn't do anything. The problem with PHP is similar, it gives me a long list of registry corrections to make, the first one being in a directory that I do not have.
I belive this may all be easier in Linus or Unix but don't understand these either! Any help on getting any of these sorted much appreciated, I am completely clueless about this, I do know Basic, Asic and HTML, but thats about it.
For those interested I want to use the Databasing work on a site for a gaming clan for updating rosters and allowing people without site access to post news to the site.

Thanks anyone


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