Review My Content Guidelines

Please note: All reviews are moderated and you must follow the following guidelines in order for your review to be accepted. Since reviewing the content of other members is a requirement, you also need to read the “Reviewing Guidelines” as well as the guidelines for posting a review.

If you have any questions, please pm a content forum moderator for help before posting your review request or your review of another members content.

Request a review

  • You must have reviewed the content of three other members in the Review My Content Forum within the last 30 days.
  • Content must be of an acceptable length. Advisors will discount any review requests they deem to be unacceptably short or overly long.
  • All requests for reviews are subject to the SitePoint Guidelines in regard to acceptable content. Content that is deemed to be explicit, obscene, or illegal will be refused at the discretion of the Advisors.
  • If you want more feedback on content you already posted within 30 days, do not request another review. You are allowed to resurrect your most recent review for additional feedback. However, if your review is over 30 days old, you must again review the content of three other members before your review will be considered.
  • Content must be uploaded outside of Site Point and a link left for reviewers to follow. The only content within your review request at SitePoint should be specific questions you may want to ask about your content.
  • Double check your url for errors. Often times, review requests are submitted with an invalid url or no url at all. Requests that contain invalid urls or missing urls will be removed from the queue, and you will be notified via email. Keep in mind, this will only delay the process of your review.
  • All reviews should be considered constructive criticism. Although your content may be of a generally high quality, it is likely that reviews will focus upon specific issues or problems that others see in your content. This in no way signifies that the reviewer is out to get you, or that your content is of poor quality.

Important: Your review request will be dealt with as soon as possible, but response times may vary. Typically, reviews will be dealt with within 72 hours. If your request is not approved immediately, do not post it again. You should instead, pm a content forum moderator .

Additional notes:
  • The reviews given in this forum are the opinions and property of the individual review giver. They in no way reflect the position or opinion of SitePoint Pty. Ltd.
  • These reviews are free to our members. If you don't like the review you are given, SitePoint cannot provide any support for you or your content.
  • You may only submit one piece of content for review in a single post. If you wish to submit several works for review, you'll need to give three reviews for each work, and submit your requests separately.

Reviewing Guidelines
  • Review the skills of the writer, not the subject matter.
  • Be constructive in your criticism. Be specific in saying what you don’t like and what you do like. Both positive comments such as “It looks great” and negative comments such as “You need to start over” are unacceptable and will be deleted.
  • Consider looking at what other reviewers have said. If you feel that the reviews for somebody’s content are already quite thorough and helpful, consider reviewing a post that hasn’t received as many helpful reviews.

What to Review

If you are not a writer, you make a perfect candidate to review content. You don't have to make brilliant comments about the form or formatting, just say exactly what you thought of the content from your perspective.
  1. Did it make you want to click to the next page?
  2. Was it easy to read or did you have difficulty in following the writer’s train of thought?
  3. Did the writer use white space, headings, or bulleted points that immediately attracted your eye and made the content easier to read?
  4. Did the writer’s train of thought follow a logical order or were some things (for example) at the bottom of the page that you feel could have been better placed at the top or middle of the page.
  5. Did the content cover the subject matter comprehensively?
  6. Could the writer have used some text links to other areas of content?
  7. Was the subject matter accurately focused with two or three main keywords?
  8. Alternativley, did the writer “stuff” the content with so many keywords that it was difficult to understand the point of the writing?
  9. Are the mechanics correct? Did the writer use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Especially check the writer’s use of contractions and homonyms since these are items that spelling and grammar checkers often miss.
  10. Is the content contemporary or “old hat”.
  11. Are there politically incorrect references in the content.