Hi Everyone,

Accidently posted this first to the web software forum.

I have a client who would like an off-the-shelf CMS system (ala Joomla, DotNetNuke etc). Not too difficult so far, however the catch is that for security reasons they do not want the live website to have a database (they are adamant about this and refuse to budge). Added to this they are looking for an ASP.NET solution.

Ideally then the CMS would sit on a development server where the client would make amends to layout, presentation, content and so on. When done they click publish and the CMS would spit out a bunch of templates (could be html+css, aspx, xml) that can then be copied over to the production web server.

Another alternative is to be to use a purely XML based CMS that doesn't require a database.

Does anyone know of any open source or commercial products that fit the bill?

Many Thanks