Right now I am using mambo with a bridged smf forum. There are several issues that are coming up. And I am finding the smf forum "bridge" not to be so great.

I tried this same thing with joomla 2 years ago and had the same problems. I was hoping the developers would offer true integration between smf and mambo / joomla but it has not happened.

Since Mambo / Joomla and smf do not offer full integration with each other, its time to find another CMS solution.

MKPortal has real integration with the SMF forum. Instead of using a bridge I thought about giving mkportal a try. In case anyone here has not heard of MKPortal, here is a link - http://www.mkportal.it/

So, can anyone give me a review on their MKportal experience, and maybe post an example site? I looked at the examples on the mkportal home page and I was impressed with the built in features. It looks like this CMS has just about everything I need, but I would like some opinions before I jump in.