I have a website about English (it's blocked due to spam by admin ).
It's almost completely destroyed by hackers and spammers (e.g. Joe jobs).
It uses mambo and a dozen of components. Because of the spammer attacks and inability to assume its current version and perform upgrades I decided to move the content to a fresh CMS (and new web hosting as well, to give some air my current hosting provider and because they changed the mind and want lots of money for a very modest hosting)
And I am at a loss as to what CMS to choose. Joomla or Drupal or try to write it by myself eg. in html (I don't know php very well).
It contains a lot of sections, categories and I wonder how drupal deals with it (I don't want every article to be a part of one huge menu)
So generally I need a CMS (for about 200 articles) but also nice commenting and other functionalities (in mambo I had gallery, classfields, feeds, collection of links and a dozen of other components)
And drupal seems to have much less support (especially in my country)

I would be grateful for your expertise. Please ask questions cos I didn't write everything to must be taken into account

Best regards,