Can someone help a totally lost designer who hasn't used Flash since 2003?

Idea: I have a picture that needs to pan around every 15 seconds to certain parts. Unfortunately I need to zoom in on 1 part of the picture too. I am trying to do it with programmatic tweening (is this not the right way?). I also want this to loop.

Problem #1: I cannot get the tweens to stop, pause and then do the next round. Here are my tweens:

var moveX:Tween = new Tween(myClip, "x", Regular.easeOut, 0, -350, 6, true);
var growX:Tween = new Tween(myClip, "scaleX", Regular.easeOut, 1, 1.75, 5, true); //zoom in on europe
var growY:Tween = new Tween(myClip, "scaleY", Regular.easeOut, 1, 1.75, 5, true);
I know I need an event listener to see when the animation finishes, but how do I get an event listener for 3 tweens that are simultaneously running?

Problem #2:
How do I make something pause for 15 seconds? I know how to use the Timer class to make something execute every 15 seconds, but I want different things to happen after 15 seconds....

If anyone can help me, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks