I'm getting this from an update function that i had working and then i started working on another section of the site and for some reason this is broken now, but i don't understand the error

ArgumentError in EmploymentController#update_job_description

Unknown key(s): title, duties, pay_band_id, description, department_id, requirements, exempt

now the unknown keys are form fields with corresponding database columns... but how to i find out what's happening here? i have yet to acquire enough experience with this framework to be able to reliably read the application trace AND know what it means.

Can anyone here help or point me in the right direction? my controller action:
Code Ruby:
  def update_job_description
    @job_description = JobDescription.find(params[:job_description])
    if @job_description.update_attributes(params[:job_description])
      redirect_to '/employment/list_job_descriptions'
      flash[:notice] = "job description updated"
      redirect_to :action => '/employment/edit_job_description', :id => @job_description
      flash[:notice] = "job description update failed"