Hi folks

I'm considering Joomla 1.5 and I looked a Mambo, but not sure if it's better. They all claim to be great. I'm not necessarily fond of the UN, but they (among other lofty enterprises) use Joomla and hopefully their IT dept made a good decision while they sucked up all the money we give them. At least I was able to get a picture of Joomla's DB schema.

The CMS will be used to manage free information and direct folks toward making a purchase. I also want to use it to manage actual product information whether the visitor is searching the catalog or just reading info - so if they're reading about widgets, I can throw a widget ad in their face and maybe some widget accessories. And other things that folks who buy those things also buy. Like amazon with their "people who bought this book also bought these books and these shoes."

I'll most likely use a separate DB for the products, orders, customers, etc. or maybe an open source ERP system. Whatever gets me going with a minimum of middleware needing to be written.

I better leave it at that. Please do me a favor and see my other question or three in this forum and in the domains forum to get an idea of the twisted convoluted project I'm considering.

Does anyone see any problems with using Joomla for this?

Thanks in advance