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    Lightbulb Content suggestion for public transport website

    Currently I am working on a proposal on a couple of websites for a public transport company.

    Our base, as per client's request, was the previous website.
    My contact just called me, 6PM, to get ready by tomorrow afternoon a report about new features that would enhanced their image and demonstrate that they are modern and do care about their customers.

    I can't tell what is the company involved in those websites but what I would like to know is what would you expect to find in a public transport company's website. I visited a few of them already and found a few interesting feature such as the "Route Performance" on the Amtrak website
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    Hmm.. well I suppose an about section, where you can put the vision and mission of the company itself, why is it different from other companies, etc. Also some information about the resources they use.. of course information about the route like a map, mm.. schedules, costs, any extra service... mm.. maybe a 'contact us' section where you can send feedback.

    I'm not sure if this is helpful though.. I can assure you public transport where I come from is horrible compared to anywhere else.. (believe me you do not want to travel by bus here unless you enjoy real life rollercoasters) so what I (or many people here) would expect to see in a public tranport company website may be rather different.

    Anyway, hope this helps you.

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    Think about the people that will use the web site and aim improvements for them.

    What would visitors want?

    1. To look up bus times
    2. To find out how to travel from A to B
    3. Find out how much a journey will cost
    4. Buy tickets online
    5. Be notified of future service changes

    You should be looking to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find this information.

    Here aresome UK sites that I think do things well...


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