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Thread: Using CMS ?

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    Unhappy Using CMS ?

    Hi there,

    Firstly I have to say that I'm very newly in the CMS's, so my questions might a bit dummy .

    As my site is growing up, it seems that manually editing the page code for adding news and etc. is long time waisting. My question is : Can I use any of the CMS systems and keep my web design ? I just need to control my content. For example: I have 3 things to change if I want to add new content in my site.
    1.My main div with the new aticle and pic
    2. A left div with Recent news : A link to them + short story
    3. A right div next to the left : Only links to news.
    4. If clicked on links from 2&3 the news opens in 1.

    Can this be done with CMS or I should use something else (like PHP) ?
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