I have been studying Kevin Yanks book and find it very good for a complete beginer like myself but I am a bit confused on mapping out my database.

I am creating a database of North American birds.
The birds are classified into first a Top Category
then into a Group Category and lastly into a Member Category.

This is an excercise so I dont mind that its going to be a fairly large task but it seems that there should be an easier way than what I am contemplating.

It appears that I would have to create and populate the tables
Top Category (ID, Name)
Group Category (ID, Name)
Member Category (ID, Name, Sci-name, Desc, ...)

and a

Look up Table (TCID, GCID, MCID)

I have 15 Top Categories
Around 80 Group Categoris
and hundreds of Member Categoris

I was thinking I could build a form input that could enter the values of all the tables simultaneously but I dont see any mention of that.

Is there a smart way to do what I am planing above.

Thanks very much for your help