I developed many websites and make a living off two, where lawyers pay to list their firm as advertisement, and a third for my real estate investing career (my main career)

I was looking to start a web design company as many people have asked me to do a website for them in the past, but I've declined.

The main reason was I didn't want to have to be constantly maintaing sites for other people.

But I think maybe a content management system or a web cms, at that may be the answer to that problem.

Firstly, do I understand correctly when I think a cms can be deployed on an existing website built using dreamweaver, that would then allow non-technical users (the people I design sites for) to access the cms and make changes to the website?

For example, could I install a cms on my already existing website, and have it look exactly the same as it does now, but let someone, or even me have the ability to make changes to the site without using/knowing dreamweaver or another program similiar to dreamweaver?

Secondly, if my thinking is correct, can anyone recommend a good web cms that would suit my purposes and doesn't take a rocket scientist with 3 phds to figure out how to install, and use?

I think opencms.org looks pretty good (and like it would suit my purpose) but the support and instructions on setting it up are written for geniuses and therefore completely 100% useless to me.

Lastly, if my thinking on a cms is not quite correct, can someone recommend something that would suit my purpose? IE, allowing non technical people to make changes to their site after I've designed it for them in dreamweaver.

Thank you so much!