hi Guys !
i need ur special attention to this thread ,i found alot about the cronjobs in this forum but couldn't find out the solution that match to me .i have some serious issues .

Part 2 :
i m running the cronjob with putty configuration software .

command is :

10 * * * * /usr/bin/php5 /kunden/homepages/38/d117720703/htdocs/Jobs-CVs/Process-Feeds/ftpxmlreader.php

my php script contains the following code:

DB connection code here
FTP connected
print('FTP - Connected');
ftp_pasv ($conn_id, true) ;

// file has been imported to import.xml , NOW we will read it and store in our database

$channel = $xml->channel;
/* echo "<b>Title</b>: ", (string) $channel->title, "<br />",
"<b>Description</b>: ", (string) $channel->description, "<br />",
"<b>Link</b>: ", (string) $channel->link, "<br />";*/
foreach ($channel->item as $item)

"publisherName"=>"One Place",
"expiryDate"=>date('Y-m-d', strtotime("+28 days")),
"title"=>(string) $item->title,
"url"=>(string) $item->link,
echo "Failed to open Requested Document !";

FTP connects and then stores the xml file in our server in the root directory . but problem is in reading that file from the root directory . path looks ok


but from cron job it inserts just one file .. where as if i run it manually from browser it works fine .

what can be the problem ?