I am currently looking for a SMS interface (Ericsson IPX is an example) that allows me to receive variable price payments and then not send content.

I am tasked with spec'ing a donation platform for a client and they want to have people SMS to a fixed phone number with a message that contains an ID number and a random dollar amount to donate.

I am thinking of going with Ericsson IPX as I've used it before, but last time I used it to take a fixed dollar amount and to then distribute a file via WAP, which is what its designed to do.

My questions are:

- are there any other interfaces that offer the sort of stuff I am after out of the box or will i have to rework something to make it fit?

- what are the most popular interfaces i should be looking at? Like payment gateways, I'm sure there are heaps of interfaces out there that work with various service providers.

- what interfaces will work best in a java enterprise clustered environment. We will be using spring framework to for the rest of the application, so this part needs to slot in with the rest of it.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section, there isn't really a section for mobile content distribution yet.