Hello all, this is my first post in ruby forums.
Im starting to learn ruby language.

I've made this form

<p><label for="contract_total">Total</label><br/>
<&#37;= text_field 'contract', 'total'  %></p>

<p><label for="contract_arrival">Arrival</label><br/>
<%= date_select 'contract', 'arrival'  %></p>

<p><label for="contract_departure">Departure</label><br/>
<%= date_select 'contract', 'departure'  %></p>

<p><label for="contract_adults">Adults</label><br/>
<%= text_field 'contract', 'adults'  %></p>

<p><label for="contract_children">Children</label><br/>
<%= text_field 'contract', 'children'  %></p>

<p><label for="contract_pending">Pending</label><br/>
<%= text_field 'contract', 'pending'  %> Pending indicates if total or minimum amount has been payed.<br>
<b>0</b>= total amount payed.<br>
<b>1</b>= minimum amount payed.</p>
<p><label for="contract_children">Un/Confirmed</label><br/>
<%= text_field 'contract', 'unconfirmed'  %></p> Confirmed indicates if customer has payed some.<br>
<b>0</b>= Yes, customer has payed.<br>
<b>1</b>= No, customer has not payed nothing.</p>
I dont want users can write into text fields, i would need they can select a numer of list (1-15). I've been reading about it and maybe i could use select_tag, but i dont know how change text_field to a "combo_box"?

How could i do it?

Thanks in advance.