Ok, here is the deal. I develop all my sites on an OS/X platform and can easily convert a WMV video to a .mov (quicktime) without any problems.

I have a client that has a newspaper web site, that I developed, and they use Adobe Contribute (they are using Vista) to create news articles etc. In addition Adobe Contribute will let easily insert videos from the menu...simple enough.

I've chosen to go with instructing them on how to insert QuickTime movies, since contribute will automatically include the play/sound controllers...its just a simple Insert->Video off a pull down menu in contribute.

What I'm looking for an easy to use program to convert .wmv and other formats into a .mov QuickTime file on a Vista Platform.

Easy is when I can set it up it and save the settings so that my client can load a movie and go "click-click-click" without having to worry about the export settings. That will convert a .wmv (other formats would be helpful) into a QuickTime .mov format.

Again, my clients are newspaper publishers and not tech-geeks. So, I need something simple where they can load a .wmv and go "click-click" and it converts it over to a .mov file.

Any suggestions on freeware or an inexpensive app, say less than $30, would be appreciated.