Wow, I just read the article on webmasterbase about this, and it sound exactly what I need ! Just though I'd thank Kevin Yank for a great article.

"The problem is that, more often than not, the people providing the content for a site are not the same people handling its design. Oftentimes, the content provider doesn't even know HTML. How, then, is the content to get from the provider onto the Web site? Not every company can afford to staff a full-time Webmaster, and most Webmasters have better things to do than copying Word files into HTML templates anyway."

I'm going to be trying to learn it now ....!

Sounds exactly what I need..! I run a site with a lot, lot, lot of content, and many writers who have no idea of HTML etc...

Do you think I could learn it in about 2 weeks? Is that possible? (Thats spending about 6 hours a day learning it..)


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