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    Error: No Spam when trying to leave a comment

    I got a message this week from a site visitor who wanted to leave a comment on my blog but they were blocked with the message "Error: No Spam" every time they tried, even when they came back a couple of days later. They sent me the wording of the comment - no problems there. There were no links in their comment either. They had ticked the boxes for Commentluv and to receive follow-up comments by email.

    I did a test comment using their exact wording and with both boxes ticked, and the comment was submitted with no problems. I can't work out why they would be getting the error message. I have received other comments, and this is the first time I've heard of the problem.

    I'm using Akismet to filter spam. I've also looked at the Discussion settings for my site and there's nothing there which would shed light on the problem.

    Can anyone help?

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    Hi TraceyG, welcome to the forums,
    Maybe they were considered SPAM because of their IP? Since many SPAMmers use open proxies, some scripts pre-emptively block them. Or maybe thier IP is on a blacklist.
    In any case, I would NOT advise disabling Akismet. Much better to add their IP to a whitelist and see how that goes.

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